First and foremost, I love receiving your hard earned cash in my bank account. All payments accepted via Amazon UK GC or addressed to


Secondly, I get very excited when receiving gift cards from:

  • Love Honey,
  • House of Frazer,
  • The Perfume Shop,
  • Debenhams,
  • Westward Bound,
  • John Lewis.


If you want to use your own initiative, here is what I like:

  • Clothes - I like PVC items, size 16,
  • Cosmetics - Clarins and Clinique,
  • Perfume - Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Dior and Chanel,
  • Shoes - buy Me boots or heels to fit size 8 feet,
  • Handbags - any designer label is a treat,
  • I also like treats for my home - contact me to find out what I want or get me John Lewis vouchers.
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