Located only 18 minutes on HS2 from Central London, close to Dartford, the Dungeon is accessible to all Londoners and Kent inhabitants.


The facilities include:


  • Large selection of TV wigs, makeup, clothing, shoes and accessories,
  • Number of thrones, 
  • Whipping bench,
  • Vertical/voyeur cell,
  • Medical wing,
  • Large variety of restraints,
  • Number of crosses,
  • Milking machine, 
  • Queening chair, 
  • Rubber sheets, rubber body suit, vac bed,
  • Large selection of dildos and strap ons, 
  • Variety of CBT rings, restraints and chastity devices,
  • Under the worktop cage, 
  • Dog cage,
  • Watersports facilities,
  • Gynea examination benches,
  • Huge variety of rubber, leather, canvas hoods,
  • Under the Mistress bed cage,
  • Electro-play equipment.

Restraining Corner

Whipping Bench and Restraint Bench

CBT and Pleasure Corner 

CBT Equipment

Dildo Corner

Medical Corner

Whips, Flogger, Paddles and Canes

Exit Door

Under The Worktop Cage

Medical Facility

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