This place is a paradise for all heavy bondage enthusiasts, rubberists, leatherists and prison/isolation/encagement lovers. It has been featured on! 


Facilities include:


  • Straight jackets
  • Padded sensory deprivation cell
  • Dog cage
  • Steel cage
  • Oubliette
  • Medieval prison cell
  • Body cage
  • Padded coffin
  • Elevation frame
  • Rubber, leather and canvas deprivation sacks
  • Hoods, restraints, ropes, spreaders, gags
  • Turning wheel
  • Inversion rack
  • Horizontal cage, 
  • Prison cell,
  • Fucking machine.


Medieval Prison Cell

Prison Cell

Selection of Hoods

Gags, Paddles, Restraints and Collars

Steel Restraints

Medieval Restraints

More Restraints

Rotating Wheel

Padded Cell

Suspension Frame 

Rubber Padded Coffin

Whipping Bench, Inversion Rack and Steel Isolation Cage

Leather Harness, Vacuum Bed  and Restraining Throne

Selection of Leather, Canvas and Rubber Straight Jackets in the Padded Cell

Dog Suit, Steel Body Cage and Leather Suspension Harness

Horizontal Cage 

Fucking Machine 

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